Quotes from the T.W.C.A

If you take the ‘s’ out of ghost it’s just goat ~Gerrod

You gotta beat the dead horse until it isn’t funny anymore ~Alex

Stop rubbing his eyeballs ~Jocelyn

If I was a robot…which I’m not ~Gerrod

Aww my hands are too big ~Katelyn

Ugh I hate robots, especially ones that are made by me ~Katelyn

What if I like to chew my juice ~Gerrod

Righty loosey (Josiah from Plus or Minos)

Did you just squirt me with the sriracha? (Also Josiah)

Don’t be bored in Katelyn’s direction ~Alex

I’m not going to chug liquids. I’m not a liquid chugging pony ~Alex

Voluntary kidnapping ~Gerrod

Ice cream is just thiccc milk ~Gerrod

Wait, I want to change my profile picture to that chicken ~Hannah

… I should make a guillotine ~Gerrod

Does cocaine give you diabetes? ~Hannah

More carbs, more better ~Alex

We are really quick to jump to murder in this group ~Hannah

No YOU punch Gerrod ~Alex

If the password is ‘password’ I’m going to slap someone ~Gerrod

I’m not high on sharpie I’m just bad at driving with mecanum wheels ~Alex

Help I’m being flirted with ~Hannah

I’ll spray you with the kid solution ~Alex

No I’m gonna apply my own tramp stamp ~Alex

This place has more TVs than Walmart ~Gerrod

John Henry don’t stab people ~Hannah

You don’t need to put me on a stick to burn me ~Calvin

You gave me defective bread ~Gerrod

Why are you cooking a stick ~Gerrod

We have a crack empire ~Kate

I barely even have a tongue anymore ~Gerrod

That’s not pain, that’s satisfaction ~Gerrod

Are you sure you know how to see? ~Gerrod

I have more than just crack in this head ~Gerrod

If I can’t drive you can’t live ~Katelyn

I will be able to vomit into the eye of a rabbit from 100 yards ~Alex

Maybe you should try eating with your mouth and not with your eyes ~Gerrod

Gerrod still has his grape hat ~Calvin

Why is it always chloroform with you? ~Hannah

If you said you didn’t know how to remove my appendix I’d let you ~Hannah

You guys act like you don’t know how to teleport ~Gerrod

I think we’re all just confused now ~Gerrod

Chins are for losers ~Gerrod

Aww I hit myself with my own fireball ~Hannah

You really think my mom’s going to let me go out and buy a grappling hook? ~Hannah

Ahh yes communism ~Gerrod

You can’t spell wedding without ‘we’ ~Gerrod

Why am I in a window? ~Gerrod

If going to turn evil, don’t ~Alex

We’re on the right side of the robot uprising ~Hannah

Shovel ~Gerrod

Everything causes cancer in California ~Gerrod

It’s fashion you wouldn’t understand ~Gerrod

This is the second fake relationship I’ve been in ~Gerrod

I dunno I thin Hell would be kind of fun though ~Katelyn

And from this conversation I’ve learned that caffeine brain is not best brain ~Hannah

If I overthrow the place I’ll invite you ~Gerrod

Bones ~All of us

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