Super Secret Diary (Do Not Read)

You rebel I said don’t read this.πŸ˜‘

Jan 1 2020

Beware if you care about grammar I suggest you leave(I am dyslexic). anyway. I just participated in the FTC competition at SUU and it was a party it was very intense and I ran on pure adrenaline the entire time. After the competition we went to sushi burrito with the hive and plus or Minos to eat some dinner. We were all so tired and had ultimate crack head energy. My robot got engaged to The Hive’s robot I drank like half a bottle of Sriracha (others helped).

Feb 8 2020

This week our competition was At DSU and we did pretty good we got a lot of awards including 1st inspire. After the competition we went to buffalo wild wings to party with Plus of Minos and Caleb Henderson from Black Ops. we talked and shared stories and had a lot of fun after wards we headed back to T.W.C.A headquarters (My house) and had a bonfire roasting marshmallows and starbursts and having a blast. Caleb had to leave after dinner but we invited him to come to our house for the fire after he finished his thing we also told him he could invite friends because he was part of the popular crowed he then proceeded to tell us he was not. At about 9 O,clock 6 cars and a dirt bike showed up outside. we played some night games and talked around the fire for a little.

Feb 14 2020

We had a meeting so that we could get some stuff done before we go to robots in the rotunda on Monday. We added another distance sensor on the back of the robot so that we could have our robot react to other robots that may be parked on the line by avoiding it. after that happened we got distracted when Gerrod said he could not play the piano and proceeded to play several songs like Super Mario Brothers. He then said he could not play the guitar and preceded to play a number of songs on the guitar.

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