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Welcome our 2020-2021 team!

After competing for a year with FTC team 9761 The PrestidigiTaters, sisters Jocelyn and Katelyn decided to start a new community FTC team in Southern Utah organized with Washington County 4H. They worked hard to recruit 4 new team members and the team got busy with outreach events and fundraising.

Many of the team members were enthusiastic about the Disney television show Phineas and Ferb, so we decided to base our team identity around the animated duo’s pet Platypus and his identity of Secret Agent spy for the Organization Without a Cool Acronym (OWCA). Our similarly named team, Team Without a Cool Acronym (TWCA) secured a large grant from Washington County 4H and registered our team during the offseason with a jumpstart grant from FIRST.

During our first season, Skystone, we experienced great success. We won 2nd Inspire at our first competition and advanced to state! In other qualifiers, we won in other categories including the Think and Control awards and even 1st Inspire at Dixie State University. On the state championship level, we won the Motivate award in Utah and the Connect award in Idaho.

For the 2020-2021 Ultimate Goal season, we are already off to a great start! We competed at the West High School Qualifier in Salt Lake City and were surprised to walk away with 1st Place Inspire! Since this is our second season, we have worked hard to rely less on manufacturing kits and expand our knowledge of custom innovation and manufacturing. After having 2 seniors graduate, we had 3 new members join our team, bringing our numbers up to 7.

The mission of our team is to learn new skills, grow friendships, form partnerships with our local tech community and gain experience. The team members of T.W.C.A strive to expand FIRST in our community through volunteer and outreach events. As a team, we will grow together as we learn new things and push ourselves out of our comfort zones. We will work hard to receive an understanding of science and technology.

Meet the Team!

Katelyn posing for her Deans List Photograph, March 2020.

Name: Katelyn
School: Hurricane High School
Grade: Junior
Team Roles: Captain, Build Team, Drive Team
FIRST Experience: 6 years (FLL Mindstormers, Daleks, Fantastic Four, FTC 9761 PrestidigiTaters & 16091 T.W.C.A.)
Also about me: TWCA isn’t the first FIRST team that Katelyn has started. After competing in FLL for 2 years on a school team she found herself in a new school with no FIRST programs. She started her own team the Fantastic Four which had a very successful season. The next season she helped to start a spin-off team, the Fantastic Dragons for her younger sister. When Katelyn isn’t building, programming or starting new teams… she busies herself with Jiu Jitsu, performing in her school’s marching/jazz/pep/concert bands and maintaining her 4.0 GPA. Katelyn hopes to become a studio musician for Disney, Mechanical Engineer or FBI Agent. Katelyn was named a Deans List Finalist for the 2019-2020 Skystone season.

Alex, excited for a semi-final match at the Idaho State Championship

Name: Alex
School: ACE Academy/Hurricane High School
Grade: Junior
Team Roles: CAD Engineering, Build Team, Drive Coach
FIRST Experience: 2 Years
Also about me: Alex plays junior varsity football for Hurricane High School. He is both a linebacker and a running back. Alex is possibly the fastest human alive. When football season is over he runs track. So far his fastest time is 24.8 seconds in the 200 meter. He’s a junior at HHS but he spends half of his school day at DSU’s ACE academy seeing as he’s a genius

Gerrod at the Idaho State Championship in February 2020

Name: Gerrod
School: Hurricane High School
Grade: Junior
Team Roles: Head Programmer, Drive Team
FIRST Experience: 5 years [FLL Mindstormers, FLL The Fluffy Kittens, 16091 T.W.C.A]
Also about me: Gerrod is the team’s secret weapon. He’s a master knife thrower, ax thrower, and jouster. His knowledge surpasses the rest of the team members and it includes the first 100 digits of pi as well as many government secrets. We suspect that he comes from area 51 or has at least been there. We believe that his clearance level surpasses the president’s though he refuses to confirm or deny whether that is true. Gerrod is all there ever was, and all that there will ever be. In his free time, he likes to listen to heavy metal music.

Madi working at a local farmers market to raise funds for our team. October, 2020

Name: Madi
School: Hurricane High School
Grade: Junior
Team Roles:
FIRST Experience: Rookie
Also about me: This is Madi’s first year in FIRST. She has helped the team by performing outreach and fundraising by working at our farmers market booth and by bringing in new sponsors. She is very creative and is good with her hands, building cars in her spare time. Madi plays on her high school’s lacrosse team, plays trumpet in her school’s band and jazz band.She also has several jobs to keep her busy when she is not doing stuff with the robotics team.

Brooke at a fundraising event
September 2020

Name: Brooke
School: Hurricane High School
Grade: Junior
Team Roles: Graphic designer and Engineering Notebook editor
FIRST Experience: Rookie
Also about me: This is Brooke’s first year in FIRST and she has quickly risen to be one of the most enthusiastic members of the team. She quickly earned the rank of co-captain in team leadership and also became a Dean’s List Semifinalist for our team for the Ultimate Goal Season. Brooke spends most of her time working on the team’s engineering notebook and has also enjoyed being a member of our drive team. She has been able to maintain a 3.8 GPA and takes difficult medical classes so that she can hopefully one day enter the medical field.

Calvin gets ready to compete as “Human Player” at the Idaho State Championship

Name: Calvin
School: Hurricane Middle School
Grade: 9th
Team Roles: Build Team, CAD Design, Human Player
FIRST Experience: 5 Years (FLL Super Bot Brothers, FTC 16091 T.W.C.A.)
Also about me: This is Calvin’s 4th year participating in FIRST robotics. He started with the highly successful Super Bot Brothers in Southern Utah. Unfortunately, him being a grade higher than his teammates made it so that he wasn’t able to continue with the team this season. Instead of stepping away from FIRST completely, he decided to jump into FTC with the new team his sisters created. In his free time, Calvin likes to game and have epic Nerf Gun battles with his friends. Like his sisters, he also enjoys playing the Alto Saxophone in his school’s jazz and concert bands. He hopes to eventually play the Baritone Saxophone when he grows a couple of feet and gains some weight.

Teslyn competes with her LEGO League team the Fantastic Dragons. January 2021

Name: Teslyn
School: Hurricane Intermediate School
Grade: 7th
Team Roles:
FIRST Experience: 3 Years (FLL Fantastic Dragons, FTC 16091 T.W.C.A.)
Also about me: This is Teslyn’s 3rd year in FIRST. She is a founding member of the current FLL Utah South Championship Champions Award winning team the Fantastic Dragons. She will be performing double duty this season as a continuing member of Fantastic Dragons and a rookie member of T.W.C.A. Teslyn is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, has two different colored eyes and is learning how to play the trombone.

Name: Platyborg
Age: 6 months
Team Roles: Competition Robot
FIRST Experience: Rookie
Also about me: The Platyborg is our second competition robot and is a huge step up from our robot last year (below). Through tools granted to us from Washington County 4H, we have been able to build a custom robot through laser cutting and 3D printing. Many of our team members have been studying Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks and we have been able to highly customize our robot through this knowledge.

Name: Perrytronic 3000
Age: 1 year
Team Roles: Outreach Robot
FIRST Experience: 2 years
Also about me: Unlike a real platypus, which doesn’t do much, the Perrytronic 3000’s capabilities are limitless. He is an animatronic platypus designed by the organization T.W.C.A. to perform duties outlined in the FIRST Tech Challenge Ultimate Goal challenge. Last season, the Perrytronic 3000 was capable of identifying randomized Skystones by using a color sensor and transporting them to the build zone. He was also capable of moving the build foundation plate during both autonomous and driver controlled portions of the game. In his original form, he could pick up stones and Skystones and place them 2 high on the foundation plate. At the State Championship he was fitted with a 4 stage linear slide that was able to stack stones about 7 high. The Perrytronic 3000 currently serves as the TWCA’s outreach robot.

Let’s build something together.

We are always looking for passionate students grades 8-12 and adult mentors to join our team! Contact us for more information on how you can investigate our team or attend an event.

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