One of the things we enjoy doing most as a FIRST Tech Challenge team is outreach. This is where we volunteer in our community to uplift and advance STEM programs, especially for youth. One of the most rewarding things we do is give back to the FIRST programs for younger kids that many of us came up through. We currently mentor 3 LEGO League Challenge and 1 LEGO League Explore team, as well as share with or assist many other FIRST Tech Challenge Teams. One of our favorite outreach opportunities came in the form of working at our local Farmers Market. We use the market to raise money for our season, but we also bring our robot and talk about the FIRST programs and assist in starting new teams in our area.

Total Freight Frenzy Outreach Hours

Total People Impacted

Watch below to see a couple of videos of different outreach projects. The first video is a self-inspection tutorial still in use during the Freight Frenzy season. The second video contains highlights from our first year working at our local Farmer’s Market.

FTC Utah Official Video Tutorial for Remote InspectionsMarch 6, 2021

Hurricane Farmer’s Market  – March 7, 2020

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