One of the things we enjoy doing most as a FIRST Tech Challenge team is outreach. This is where we volunteer in our community to uplift and advance STEM programs, especially for youth. One of the most rewarding things we do is give back to the FIRST programs for younger kids that many of us came up through. We currently mentor 7 LEGO League Challenge and 1 LEGO League Explore teams, as well as share with or assist 7 other FIRST Tech Challenge Teams. One of our favorite outreach opportunities came in the form of working at our local Farmers Market. We use the market to raise money for our season, but we also bring our robot and talk about the FIRST programs and assist in starting new teams in our area.

Total Ultimate Goal Outreach Hours

Total People Impacted

FTC Utah Official Video Tutorial for Remote InspectionsMarch 6, 2021

Hours: 15
Impact: 300
Participants: Katelyn, Brooklynn, Gerrod, Alex
Description: Ken was back in touch with us and asked if we would be available to make an official video that shows how to record and submit self inspection videos for FTC Utah events. We took on the challenge and created the video above which is distributed to all teams participating in Utah events.

FIRST Tech Challenge – West High Qualifier – Practice Field Set-up & Field Resetter
February 26, 2021
Hours: 7
Impact: 200
Participants: Entire team + Teslyn field resetting
Description: Volunteers were unable to get the practice field set up in time so we volunteered to arrive at the qualifier an hour early and help get it set up for teams to use. The pits were split into 2 sections and the original practice field we set up was in the pit area opposite from us. Luckily someone else brought another field, so we helped set that one up too! Because of Covid-19, the event didn’t have as many volunteers as they needed. Because Teslyn was mostly available during the event, she volunteered to reset the field between matches and alternated between field A and B for about 2 hours of qualification matches after lunch.

Utah South FIRST LEGO League Championship – February 13th, 2021
Hours: 16
Impact: 200
Participants: Teslyn, Katelyn, Calvin, Brooklynn
Description: We refereed again at the championship event and had just as much of a good time. We weren’t required to work as long this time because there were fewer teams than at the qualifier. Afterward, we helped clean up the venue.

Utah FIRST Tech Challenge – Remote Robot Inspection Development February 11th, 2021
Hours: 4
Impact: 300
Participants: Teslyn, Katelyn, Calvin, Brooklynn
Description: The team was asked by Ken Keen, head inspector and FTA for Utah FTC to help him develop the remote inspection procedure that they were working on for all Utah FIRST events. Our role was to read through the directions that they had written up and then record a 15-20 minute video of us self-inspecting our robot according to their instructions. We were then to give feedback on the process. The main thing we found was that it was very time-consuming reading all of the rule numbers and descriptions, which ended up making our video over 30 minutes long. Our camera cut off the recording and we ended up needing to make 2 videos.

Dixie State University FIRST LEGO League Qualifier – January 30th, 2021
Hours: 30
Impact: 300
Participants: Katelyn, Gerrod, Brooklynn, Madi, Alex
Description: Most of the team volunteered as referees at the FLL qualifier, except Calvin because he had other things to attend to and Teslyn was competing with her team. Katelyn and Gerrod have volunteered at these events before, but the rest were newbies. This was the first time ANY of the team members had refereed at an official event. Everyone had a great time, especially Brooklynn who is now hooked on FIRST events.

Coral Canyon Elementary Scrimmage – January 22nd, 2021
Hours: 8
Impact: 30
Participants: Teslyn, Katelyn, Calvin, Brooklynn
Description: Coral Canyon Elementary had 5 FLL teams, but were only able to take 3 to the qualifier to compete. For this reason, we held a little robot games scrimmage. We had them run 3 robot games in the same format as they were going to run them at the qualifier. Their teachers then took the team’s robot scores and compared them with their project rubrics that we had filled out a couple of weeks ago. We then helped them decide which of the 3 teams were going to compete at the qualifier. The scrimmage was streamed to parents at home so they could watch their kids compete.

Second Wind (FLL Taiwan) Mentorship – February 2021
Hours: 3
Impact: 9
Participants: Teslyn
Description: Teslyn speaks Mandarin, so she shares with and mentors this FLL team from Taiwan. They send pictures and videos back and forth on Facebook Messenger and they are learning presentation tips and programming ideas from her FLL experience.

奇龙战队 Fantastic Dragons Mentorship – August 2020 – February 2021
Hours: 35
Impact: 4
Participants: Katelyn, Gerrod
Description: Katelyn was the original founder of this team and has enjoyed mentoring them every year since. She mostly maintains a hands-off role, observing what the team is up to and sometimes offering them suggestions. She assisted them in brainstorming through a design and building a hook in the middle of their robot so that they could hang their robot on the pull-up bar at the State Championship. Gerrod listened to the team’s project and gave them some insight on how a pedometer works and how to build one since their project was an idea for a fitness app that counts steps.

Coral Canyon FLL Team Mentorship  – January – February 2021
Hours: 20
Impact: 30
Participants: Teslyn, Katelyn, Calvin, Brooklynn
Description: There were 5 teams at Coral Canyon that needed our help getting ready for the DSU Qualifier. We helped them prepare their project presentations and also brainstormed with them on the robot games. They presented their projects to us and we filled out judging rubrics and gave them feedback just like judges would at an actual competition. Then we helped them fill in the gaps and gave them advice.

FTC Build Day Symposium  – December 12, 2020
Hours: 8
Impact: 50
Participants: Jocelyn, Katelyn, Calvin, Gerrod
Description: Several members of our team attended the Symposium, but team member Gerrod was actually a presenter on programming your FTC robot. He hosted a breakout room in the virtual symposium where he talked about programming in relation to FTC and answered questions. Team alumni, Jocelyn also presented on the engineering notebook and how keeping a notebook helped her team to win awards last season and the importance of it. While they hosted their breakouts, Katelyn and Alex participated in the CAD breakout room and had their brain fried from all of the information. Katelyn shared some insight about judging sessions that she has experienced over the last few years with both FLL and FTC.

Utah FTC Kickoff  – September 12, 2020
Hours: 28
Impact: 300
Participants: Gerrod, Katelyn, Alex, Calvin, (Hannah, Jocelyn), Brooklynn, Madi
Description: Our entire team participated in the Utah FTC Launch at Southern Utah University. Last year’s team, including alumni, got together to present for the last time about how to have a successful rookie season. We spent a couple of hours before the event preparing for what we were going to present. The presentation happened live in person, except most of the people we were presenting to were coming in remote through Zoom from northern Utah.

Hurricane Farmer’s Market  – March 7, 2020

Hours: 242
Impact: 1,600
Participants: Madi, Brooklynn, Katelyn, Teslyn, Calvin, Gerrod
Description: Saturdays in September and October the team would go to a local farmers market to fundraise and promote our name. We spoke to hundreds of people about FIRST. Later in the season, we started bringing our outreach robot and lots of people showed interest in what we were doing. Mostly because of the farmers market, we were able to raise our entire season budget of $5,000 before we even started building our competition robot for the Ultimate Goal season. Through the farmers market, we met many moms who were interested in getting their kids started on FIRST teams. Many of the kids were too young, so we gave them information on FLL Explore and told them to look into the program when their kids turned about 6. Some of the kids had participated in FLL in elementary school but had moved to the intermediate school and they had no teams. We chatted with several parents about how to get a school team started and who they needed to talk to. Eventually, they got a new program started at Hurricane Intermediate School through our efforts and we offered our support to them if they needed mentorship in their programs.

Washington County Fair, Robot Maze  – August 5-8, 2020
Hours: 205
Impact: 2,000+
Participants: Katelyn, Brooklynn, Gerrod, Teslyn, Calvin
Description: Our team was donated booth space by USU Extension 4H. We set up a robot maze out of materials from last season’s Skystone field kit and charged $1 for people to run the robot through the maze. We timed the runs and the fastest run won a stuffed platypus that we had made. Because of Covid, there wasn’t as much traffic as there usually is, but we were able to raise a couple of hundred dollars for our team and talk to a lot of people about FIRST and its programs.

Southern Utah FIRST (Seek, Find & Share)  – May 29, 2020
Hours: 10
Impact: 50
Participants: Katelyn
Description: Desperate to find a new way to do outreach in the face of Covid, Katelyn decided to work on a new Facebook Group for people in Southern Utah looking for information. The page description reads: “This page was created by FIRST Tech Challenge team 16091 T.W.C.A. (Team Without a Cool Acronym) as a community outreach project. During our first season, we realized that many people were interested in the FIRST programs, but didn’t know where to find information. We did the best we could to direct those interested to firstinspires.org and encouraged them to start their own teams. We, however, felt that there was still support to be offered to help get those interested in starting new teams on their feet.

We have found a range of needs from existing teams looking for new members, to individuals looking for teams with open spaces, to adults wanting to start new neighborhood teams but not knowing how to start!

We hope this will be a place for both adults and children interested in FIRST Robotics programs to find a team, a place to help existing teams find new members, or a place to find mentorship and support during your season.”

SciencePalooza, St. George, UT  – March 7, 2020
Hours: 12
Impact: 300
Participants: Jocelyn, Katelyn, Calvin, Gerrod
Description: We saw a flyer for Sciencepalooza and wondered if they needed any help, so we contacted the organizers. They got back to us and were excited to have us help and assigned us to run the WeDo 2.0 robotics room and also invited us to bring our robot to use as outreach. We enjoyed showing kids how to build and program WeDo LEGOs. The adults were just as interested. This was just a week after we finished our Skystone season at the Idaho Championship so our robot was still in competition configuration.

Robots in the Rotunda, SLC Capitol Building  – Feb 18, 2020
Hours: 12
Impact: Tens of Thousands?
Participants: Jocelyn, Katelyn, Hannah, Gerrod
Description: This event was so amazing. We didn’t really know what to expect but ended up having so much fun! We were the only Southern Utah team that was invited. We were hesitant to accept the invitation because it was only a few days before the State FTC Championship and it is a 5 hour one way trip for us… but we decided it would be a great experience that may not come up again. We contacted Don Ipson who is a Senator who represents our district and invited him to come visit our team. One of our team mate’s dad works with the Governor’s son, so he pulled some strings and made sure the Governor got a personal invitation to visit our team. While we were at the event Don Ipson came by to talk to us and thanked us for the invitation! We were also visited by Stewart Adams, the Senate president. After about a half hour, official looking men with suits and earpieces found our team and asked if we had someone on our team with the last name Snyder. We showed them to Hannah and they told her that the Governor was coming to visit our team and to be “ready to receive him” in about 20 minutes. We made sure our table looked nice and that our robot had a full battery. Governor Herbert approached us and asked which one of us was Hannah. We spent a large amount of time talking about our team and FIRST. We found some common ground because he asked about where we were from in Hurricane because he owns a lot in Sand Hollow Resort. We told him that Sand Hollow Resort was where our home base is and where 3/4 of our team lives! We asked if he wanted to drive our robot, which he did and he had a great driving it around! He bumped not very hard into one of the FRC robots and when he was finished talking with us he said that now he needed to go visit that team (from West High School) since he ran into their robot. On his way out he also stopped by and talked to Cookienauts and they gave him some Thin Mints!

We packed up after the event and headed straight back to Southern Utah so that we could finish getting ready for the FTC State Championship. Before we even got home, there were 2 print news articles published online from the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune and a TV news piece all featuring our team! We know that several other news outlets were there reporting but we haven’t been able to find videos online just yet! Because of all this exposure we have possibly impacted tens of thousands of people with our message of the importance of STEM! There were thousands of groups walking through the rotunda during the event, as tours/field trips were coming through and checking out the robots in addition to the lawmakers. The publications have the potential of reaching a large readerbase all over the region, state and country. We have had many people sharing and commenting on our articles online and are really excited that we were able to have this opportunity.

Partnership with co-creator of Phineas and Ferb  – Feb 17, 2020
Hours: 1
Impact: 1
Participants: Jocelyn, Katelyn
Description: We share all about the fun things our team is up to on Instagram and have caught the attention of Phineas and Ferb co-creator Jeff “Swampy Marsh. He follows our team closely, often commenting on our team and congratulating us. A few days ago we asked him a question about an idea we had for our State Championship PIT design. He responded that he didn’t have what we were looking for, but to let him know if there was anything else he could do to support our team. We told him that it would be helpful if he was able to point us to some potential sponsors and he responded that he may be interested in sponsoring our team and to send him our sponsorship packet to his email! We have sent the information and are anxiously awaiting response.This is exciting for us not only for the possibility of getting financial sponsorship but because Swampy Marsh creates many animated shows for children (and adults).

Build Night with The Hive in Sandy, UT  – Feb 17, 2020
Hours: 16
Impact: 4
Participants: Jocelyn, Katelyn, Gerrod, Hannah
Description: We were going up to Salt Lake for a different outreach event and tried to make the most out of our trip by scheduling meetings with several industry professionals and a build night with The Hive. The Hive was interested in our proposal, so we came to their meeting space and worked together on robots and drive practice. They treated us to pizza and we just had a great time talking about all of their FIRST experience and some of the things we have learned along the way this season! We had a few mechanical issues and they helped us by giving us some string for our lift and a beam to fix our foundation plate grabber that snapped from being used and bumped into things all season.

DSU Qualifier & Networking Dinner + Night Games  – Feb 8, 2020
Hours: 36
Impact: 33+
Participants: Jocelyn, Katelyn, Hannah, Alex, Calvin, Gerrod
Description: We helped with the set up at the DSU qualifier by making sure chords got taped down so that people wouldn’t trip going through the pits and from the pits from the competition area. After the event, we arranged another networking dinner, this time with members of Plus or Minos and Black-Ops. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and talked about robotics and all sorts of other things.Afterwards, we kept the get together going by coming back to our home base and having a bonfire. A member of Black-ops invited some more people that were not robotics kids over and we were able to talk about our team, sing campfire songs and play night games!

SUU Qualifier & Networking Dinner  – Feb 1, 2020
Hours: 16
Impact: 20+
Participants: Jocelyn, Katelyn, Hannah, Alex, Calvin, Gerrod
Description: After the SUU qualifier we helped Plus or Minos for awhile with the clean up and then we arranged to meet with them and The Hive from Sandy, UT at a restaurant called Sushi Burrito.We had a good time hanging out and networking with other teams from around the state. The owners of the restaurant were excited that we all chose their restaurant to meet at and took videos of us and we told them about FIRST.

FTC Build Night/Scrimmage  – Jan 25, 2020
Hours: 64
Impact: 15
Participants: Gerrod, Alex, Calvin, Jocelyn, Katelyn, Hannah
Description: We hosted a build night at our meeting space 1 week before the SUU qualifier to help teams get their robots going and just hang out! We had hoped to do some scrimmaging but the teams that came didn’t have operational robots until it was time to leave at about 11:30pm! Gerrod spent all of the time helping Tech-no-Logix finish building their robot and also helped them get started on programming their gamepad. They ended their night by being able to place stones on the foundation plate! Jocelyn helped Plus or Minos with some engineering notebook stuff. She shared the notebook from the West High Qualifier and they used it while formatting their own notebook. We also gave them the link to our website where they can download the book and use at their meetings in Cedar City.

Donate White Mecanum Wheel Rollers to 17282 Cotton Candy Crew  – Jan 22, 2020
Hours: 1
Impact: 8
Participants: Jocelyn + Coach for ordering
Description: We have been talking to the Cotton Candy Crew on Instagram about dyeing wheel rollers to match our robots. They said they wanted to dye them pink but needed to get white rollers and that it wasn’t in their budget. They needed the rollers from goBILDA and we get a discount, so we arranged to purchase and drop ship them the rollers The team members asked their mentor if they were OK with us sending the rollers. They got back to us and said that it was OK and they gave us their shipping address! We made sure to put an order in for ourselves so that we could help spread the love of custom colored mecanum wheels! They shared a video with us from YouTube of the recommended method for dyeing the wheels, which worked really well for us!

Southern Utah University FTC Qualifier – February 1, 2020
Hours: 10
Impact: 300
Participants: Jocelyn, Katelyn
Description: When we went to the West High FTC Qualifier we noticed a couple of things with the required alliance markers.First, we were gifted some markers from when we attended the SUU Launch. We are pretty sure these came punched from AndyMark… but any how, we were told during inspection that our markers were 1/16 of an inch too small. They reluctantly let us pass inspection but advised us to get markers of the correct size before state. We contacted Laurel Dogion at SUU and told her about this since she was the one to gift the markers. We also told her about how we noticed that many teams arrived without markers because they hadn’t thoroughly read the rules and thought we were still using flags provided by the event host. So there were a lot of teams scrambling to come up with markers cut out of construction paper. We came up with the idea to make extra markers for all of the teams that may have forgotten markers. We thought it would be handy for teams that didn’t realize that they need to provide their own markers this year! We partnered with a local woodshop called 302 Woodworks to have the pieces cut at exactly 2.5 inches out of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). They laser cut the pieces and then Jocelyn spray painted the circles and squares, blue and red. At first she messed up and painted everything blue (her favorite color) but quickly recognized her mistake and repainted the squares red! We made enough to take to both the SUU and DSU qualifiers.

** Interesting later development: Out of curiosity, we placed the new markers on the old markers that didn’t pass inspection and they were the exact same size! Mortified is what we were, so we put some digital calipers on them and the circles measured 2.4999 in diameter and the squares were 2.5 (plus some decimals to spare). We aren’t sure if the guy had a bad tape measure (if that is a thing) but it turned out that we didn’t even need to make new markers by these specifications! We informed Laurel that the ones SUU gave out were indeed the correct size, but we were still bringing the new markers to SUU in the event that the teams didn’t have markers or maybe just had ones made out of construction paper. She let us know that she was going to send an email out to all the teams attending to let them know we had the markers and that they would be available at the inspection table when they check-in!

Southern Utah University FLL Qualifier – January 18, 2020
Hours: 32
Impact: 200
Participants: Jocelyn, Katelyn, Calvin
Description: SUU was a small qualifier this year with only 10 teams participating.Our team was given special invitation to help with judging. We were called FLL Encyclopedias.Jocelyn was a Core Values judge assistant and Gerrod and Katelyn were Judge assistants for robot design.Calvin helped by running and finding teams when they were missing. After all of the judging sessions were over, Gerrod and Katelyn helped with queuing teams for the robot games. After all of our volunteer requirements were finished, we brought our FTC robot out and drove it around for outreach to show the FLL kids what the next level looked like! We packed up the photo backdrop to bring BACK to DSU so they would have it for the FLL Utah South Championship which is on Feb 1st. We won’t be able to volunteer there unfortunately because we will be competing in our own qualifier at SUU on the same day!

Dixie State University FLL Qualifier – January 11, 2020
Hours: 35
Impact: 800+
Participants: Gerrod, Calvin, Jocelyn, Katelyn, Hannah
Description: We started the day before the qualifier by helping to set up the event. Hannah came with us to help with the set up because she wasn’t going to be able to help on Saturday during the actual qualifier. For set-up, we mostly helped carry the tables into Burns Arena, get them on tables (properly spaced), place the game mats on the tables and then add the mission models (and test). On the day of the qualifier, Gerrod and Calvin helped by being door knockers for the judging sessions and helped teams find their way to the correct rooms. After the judging was finished they helped run the practice tables.Jocelyn and Katelyn weren’t able to be at the entire event because they were participating in the All County Honor Band (also taking place on the DSU campus). After their rehearsal was finished for the day they came to Burns Arena and helped with the clean-up and awards ceremony. We also collected signage to take up to Southern Utah University for their FLL Qualifier next weekend. While we were waiting for awards, we brought the Perrytronic 3000 out and drove him around. He was very popular and the kids liked that he could pick things up off the ground and throw those things away in the garbage can. So much so, the kids would hand the robot empty bottles and would cheer when we put the bottle in the garbage can!

Dixie State University FLL Scrimmage – December 14, 2019
Hours: 16
Impact: 200
Participants: Gerrod, Katelyn, Calvin, Hannah
Description: We volunteered at the scrimmage at DSU and held various jobs. Katelyn worked as assistant scorekeeper, Hannah and Gerrod ran the practice tables and Calvin was a runner. Additionally one of our FLL kids, Teslyn helped by resetting tables and our Coach , Amy was a table referee. It was a lot of fun to volunteer and see all of the robots that the kids had built and their fun ideas. Katelyn got sick at the end and threw up in a garbage can… but she still had fun.

St. George News Press Release – December 10, 2019
Hours: 2
Impact: 77,000
Participants: Jocelyn, Katelyn **Coach Amy
Description: We worked with our coach to put together a press release to St. George News about the Southern Utah FTC Teams that competed in the West High Qualifier and wrote about the future FIRST Events happening in Southern Utah such as the DSU FLL Scrimmage, DSU FLL Qualifier, SUU FLL Qualifier, SUU FTC Qualifier, FLL State Championship and DSU FTC Qualifier. We gave the dates to these events, wrote about FIRST and suggested an invite be extended to the public because the events are free to attend. We put “Coach Amy” in the participants because she submitted the press release under her name. St. George News called our coach and interviewed her about the press release and they printed an article on December 10 about the West High Qualifier and about what FIRST was and talked about the upcoming events. We estimated the impact as 77,000 people because that is how many people like and follow St. George New’s Facebook page. we know several people who read St. George News daily by going to their website and not through Facebook, so the impact could have actually reached even more people!

Sending Stones to FTC Team 11053 The Fifth Order in Pretoria, South Africa
Hours: 3
Impact: 10
Participants: Jocelyn, Katelyn, Calvin
Description: Through Reddit we found a team in South Africa that wasn’t able to get any stones to practice with because of their economy. They had 3D printed a couple of stones and one of their teammates had broken one standing on it. We have a full field kit and have more stones than we could ever hope to use. We used our resources to reach out to this team and arrange to send some of our stones to them at the cost of $63.10 for 6 stones! We are glad to do what we can to help other teams do their best this season and wish The Fifth Order in Pretoria, South Africa.

Southern Utah Code Camp: October 8-9, 2019
Hours: 140
Impact: 1000+
Participants: Gerrod, Katelyn, Alex, Jocelyn, Katelyn
Description: Code Camp was held at Dixie State University’s Atwood Innovation Plaza. Code Camp was a 24 hour coding event that our team took part in to work on the building and programming of our robot Perrytronic 3000.Because of space restrictions, we set up ¾ of our field which we shared with another FTC attending the event, Tech No Logix. We spent most of the time working on our autonomous programming and attracting the attention of everyone else at Code Camp. This was because we were working on something physical and not just a phone app like most other people! Gerrod spent some time helping Tech No Logix learn how to program. Only four people could work on the project that was being judged so Jocelyn spent time working on the Engineering Notebook and doing outreach on our Instagram (@t.w.c.a). A lot of dignitaries from the State of Utah came to check us out as the event happened at the same time as the grand opening of DSU’s Atwood Innovation Plaza.It is estimated that we introduced FIRST Tech Challenge to 500 Code Camp attendees as well as an estimated 500 people who attended the Atwood Innovation Plaza open house.During the open house we met Eric Pedersen who is the Dean of Technology and Science at Dixie State University. He expressed interest in our team and we are making plans to meet with him at a later time to discuss potential sponsorship. Our project was good enough that we received 2 rounds of judging, which means that although we didn’t win an award… we were in the running at some point. We think that is cool because we were competing against industry professionals in the maker category. Outreach hours include set-up, the code camp event and take down which was about 28 hours per team-member.

Host Fall Break Build Night: October 17, 2019
Hours: 30
Impact: 6
Participants: Jocelyn, Hannah, Katelyn, Alex, Gerrod, Calvin
Description: We have been helping a rookie team, Tech No Logix from our area with what the FTC competitions are like, especially since none of them have competed in ANY FIRST program. They have been building and programming a robot but they don’t have a field to practice on. We invited their team for a build night at our work space. When they came, Jocelyn and Katelyn talked to them about what to expect from competition and how to start preparing for that now. Katelyn talked more about the technical aspect of the robot game portion and strategy with team scouting and things to consider making an autonomous program. We got a look at their robot and noticed that their robot was about in inch too long. Because they hadn’t driven their robot on a field before, they noticed a couple of other things that needed reworked with their chassis because they were getting high centered on the neutral bridge.Their team planned to stay for 3 hours and had so much fun they ended up staying for over 5! We are planning to host another build night in a month so we can check out each others progress and maybe run our autonomous programs together to check for collision possibilities.

LEGO Challenge Kit Build for FLL Team: August 26, 2019
Hours: 10
Impact: 4
Participants: Katelyn, Calvin, Gerrod, Jack, Alex
Description: We got together with the Fantastic Dragons to help them build their mission models for the City Shaper challenge. We had a great time chatting with them about strategy and how the models work. Next year one of their members will be aging out of Lego League and we are hopeful they will want to continue with FIRST and join our team since we will have 2 Seniors graduating this year.

FLL Kick-off at Dixie State University: August 22, 2019
Hours: 6
Impact: 30
Participants: Jocelyn, Hannah, Calvin
Description: We attended the DSU FLL Kick off with the FLL team Fantastic Dragons. We also took the EV3 Mindstorms robot we made at the fair (we call him Wallace) and let him roam around the “kick-off” room. A lot of kids from different teams were very interested in how we used the ultrasonic sensor to sense obstacles and change direction, so we were able to share this navigation strategy with them.

Washington County Fair: August 7 – 10, 2019
Hours: 40
Impact: 1000+
Participants: Jocelyn, Katelyn, Hannah, Calvin
Description: The team manned a LEGO build zone, free to fair-goers and used the opportunity to talk about FIRST programs. These included FIRST Lego League Jr, FIRST LEGO League, and FIRST Tech Challenge. Hundreds of people passed by over the 4 days we ran the zone and there was a lot of interest in the LEGO robot that we demonstrated. We had our FTC robot there to look at but didn’t quite have it ready to drive. Several people expressed interest in having their kids join FIRST Lego League and starting their own community teams.

Horizon Elementary STEM Night: March 4th, 2019
Hours: 4
Impact: 90
Participants: Jocelyn, Katelyn
Description: Jocelyn and Katelyn participated in a STEM night hosted by Horizon Elementary. They talked about different sensors used in robotics and game strategy as well as the different FIRST organizations and how to get involved in them. They presented to 3 different 30 minute sessions to groups of approximately 30 students and their parents using a LEGO EV3 Mindstorms robot and FIRST LEGO League competition table.

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