We wouldn’t be able to compete without generous sponsorship from businesses and individuals! We are thankful for each and every one, no matter the amount! If sponsoring our team interests you, please contact us at teamwithoutacoolacronym@gmail.com. We are organized with our local Washington County 4-H, so your donations will be tax deductible under their 501(c) non-profit status (even your online donations)! Check out our wonderful sponsors below and then continue down to see more information on team sponsorship!

USU Extension 4H is our program partner giving us non-profit status to be able to collect donations and opportunities for fundraising, volunteer work and other outreach.

RAM Company provides our team with mechanical engineering mentorship

The Department of Defense provides our team with grant money for registration, competition fees, and building materials accessible through the FIRST Dashboard.

Western Pest Control has been a business that has interacted with us for several at our local farmer’s market and became an official sponsor for the 2022-2023 Power Play Season.

Intergalactic sponsored our team’s travel to the 2022 FIRST Championship.

The Washington County Utah Commission provided monitory sponsorship for our 2022 trip to the FIRST Championship and also provided funds for our 2022-2023 regular season and FIRST Championship bid.

Master Plumbing has been a sponsor of our team for 2 seasons!

d.B Systems was our first sponsor when we formed our team in 2018. They have sponsored us every year since and also provide us with mentorship and access to their industrial machining equipment.

Send Cut Send offered us 70% discounts on laser cut aluminum and now offers us 15% discounts.

Vasion sponsored our team’s trip to the 2022 FIRST Championship. We also attend tech events at their facility like Southern Utah Code Camp where we get the chance to talk to engineers from their company about what we are working on.

Infowest is one of our newer sponsors for the 2022-2023 season. We enjoyed working with them on an activity at their Kids Innovate day camp and they provided monies to help fund both our regular season and our trip to the 2023 FIRST Championship.

goBILDA has provided our team with a 25% discount for 4 seasons and are wonderful whenever we need customer support!
Sand Hollow Resort is our largest monitory sponsor for over 3 seasons. They also help us out by printing out display banners for free.

Rev Robotics provides our team with a monitory sponsorship for parts and equipment.

Zonos has been one of our longest running sponsors, sponsoring us since our second season. Even before sponsoring us, they still supported us by allowing us to come to their business to demo our robot and brainstorm ideas with us.

Andrus Transportation is one of our newest sponsors, providing funds for our 2022-2023 regular season.

Jeff “Swampy” Marsh has been a supporter of our team for 4 seasons and has sent our team materials to help us with our brand. He has arranged to meet with our team in person in 2022 and 2023 and plans for this to be a yearly thing.

Lin’s has donated bottled water to our team so that we could resell it at street fairs to fundraise for our team. They have done this for our 2022 and 2023 season.

Witting Innovation has sponsored us for 3 seasons and has also helped us with brainstorming in previous seasons.

Red Boar Chain and Fastener is one of our new sponsors for this season. They came upon us at the Hurricane Farmer’s market. They gave us a monitory sponsorship and also offered to let us use any of their fasteners for free if they fit our application.

We were able to demo to Kuker-Ranken at a surveying trade show and then learned about presentation skills from them. They donated money to help us get to the 2023 FIRST Championship and we plan to visit their company in Las Vegas

This is the ROI’s first year sponsoring our team. Team members are planning to work with the ROI to interview professionals about their experience with remote work from rural communities.

The Utah STEM Action Center has helped provide funding for our 2022 and 2023 FIRST Championship trips and also includes us in outreach opportunities that represent FIRST Utah like the Craft Lake City DIY Fest and STEM Day at the Capitol.

Our program exists because of generous donations from businesses and individuals in our community! If you would like to contribute to our team, please follow the instructions below or reach out to us through our contact page:

– Select “one time” payment and an amount.
– Choose your Designation as “Extension Sites > Washington County.”
– For Gift Instructions, enter: “TWCA 4-H Robotics Club” in the text box
– Fill out your personal information.
– Choose the affiliation that best describes you (default to “friend” if you’re a business).
– Proceed to Payment

**(Please send us an email notifying that you donated by this online method. This way we can watch for it to enter our account. Sometimes our funds get mixed in with USU’s account and we have to track it down. It is rare, but happens! Better safe than sorry).

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