Engineering Portfolio

One of the most important things to work on if you want to win awards is your Engineering Portfolio. The portfolio should tell the story of your team through the current season. This is most easily done by documenting both your team meetings and the progress of your robot in an Engineering Notebook first. Then, when you are creating your portfolio before a competition you can easily pull content from your notebook.

Please enjoy this portfolio from a successful past event. We hope it will help teams looking to improve their notebook writing skills. Specific portfolio requirements by award can be found in Game Manual 1. We know our portfolio isn’t perfect. It improves as we gain experience in FTC. If you would like to share ideas on how we can improve our notebook, please reach out through our contact form!

Updated Feb 28, 2022

Previously, we shared our first ever engineering portfolio, from the West High Qualifier in Salt Lake City, on this website. It was the same portfolio that was used for coach/team training in the Utah region for the 2021-2022 season. We learned a lot between our first qualifier last season and the Utah Region Championship where we were able to win the Inspire Award! Today we decided to update our sample portfolio on our website from our first ever “rough” portfolio, to the more polished portfolio we submitted at the Utah Region Championship in 2021. This portfolio is very similar in format to the portfolio we submitted for our FREIGHT FRENZY season, in which we also won the Inspire Award at the Utah Region Championship.

2021 Utah Region Championship – Engineering Portfolio
Cedar City, Utah – April 10, 2021

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