Engineering Portfolio

One of the most important things to work on if you want to win awards is your Engineering Portfolio. Your portfolio should tell the story of your team through the current season and include engineering content (drawings, CAD, math, etc). This is most easily done by documenting both your team meetings and the progress of your robot in an Engineering Notebook first. Then, when you are creating your portfolio before a competition you can easily pull content from your notebook.

This season, we collaborated with 4 other teams that we met at the 2022 FIRST Championship to create an Engineering Portfolio resource for teams. In this resource you will find a list of requirements for the Engineering Portfolio based on awards along with examples of Engineering Portfolio content from 5 teams, including sneak peeks of content from our 2022-2023 Power Play Engineering Portfolio!

Our team loves to share our previous season Engineering Portfolio to help teams just starting out or to help teams that are ready to up their Engineering Portfolio game! We always love hearing about how teams use our portfolio to find success in their own portfolios, so please reach out to us and let us know how you did this season! Please enjoy this portfolio that we submitted to the FIRST Championship in April 2022. This same basic version was submitted to the Utah Region and Idaho Region championships where TWCA won the Inspire and Think awards. If you would like to share ideas on how we can improve our portfolio, please reach out through our contact form!

2022 World Championship – Engineering Portfolio
Houston, Texas – April 20-23, 2022

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